Minecraft Forest Storm

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Minecraft Forest Storm

Minecraft Forest Storm


Spring came, and at the same time ran for a walk, because, after the winter, so want to take a walk in the lush forest. So the hero Minecraft Forest Storm went for a walk, but as soon as he entered the woods, immediately began a terrible storm. Strong wind, rain and even snow, it makes everything your hero to escape the house. After a storm, Steve was dirty, with pieces of branches and left throughout the body. Help clean the hero, because he now has to go on a date. Most liked character in the series Steve Minecraft Forest Storm decided to take a walk through the woods, suddenly arisen a storm. In this Minecraft Forest Storm game your goal is to help get home as soon as possible. Because the storm is very dangerous, the leaves are damp and many trees have begun to break. The soil began to soften because of the water that fell in large quantities. Steve when you go home must help him with clean clothes are muddy and dirty. Use all the tools you will find to help clean it.

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