Wrath Of Zombies Hacked

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Wrath Of Zombies Hacked

Wrath Of Zombies Hacked


Wrath Of Zombies Hacked is a brand new super-shooter with zombies! You play the role of a policeman, who fell into the clutches of a zombie. Your police car has been damaged and now you have to fight zombies to survive. So, the whole game is divided into days and each day is the hotel level. In each level, you need to kill a certain number of zombies. In place of every zombie you kill, there are coins that you can collect. After the level, you get to the menu of improvements and store. Here you can pump out the talents of your hero, buy him new weapons and helmets. At first you will only have a weak pistol, but it will be enough to deal with the first waves of zombies. With each new day, zombies will become more and more, as well as new types of zombies that differ in size, strength and life. Buy new weapons, such as: a shotgun, a machine gun and even a rocket launcher. Improve each weapon to the maximum and apply it against bloodthirsty zombies. Do not forget to use grenades, constantly move and watch the stock of your life. Choose first-aid kits, bulletproof vests and grenades! Pass level by level, complete tasks and kill huge bosses. Good luck!

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